First Baptist Church of Winthrop Harbor is a multigenerational church located in the northeast corner of Lake County.  We are just minutes away from the attractions in Gurnee and the scenic beauty of Kenosha.  Our community is projected for tremendous growth and the faith family of FBCWH seeks to add in Youth Intern to our staff of three.

FBCWH is a cooperating church with the Illinois Baptist State Association and the Southern Baptist Convention.  Intern service at FBCWH does not necessarily require a background in the Baptist faith tradition, but the successful candidate will need to affirm our “Culture Statements.”  You can learn more about these statements by clicking here.

FBCWH exists to equip individuals to live out the Gospel of Christ for the glory of God.  Learn more about us by visiting

  1. Why intern?
  • Gain academic credit:  Most Bible colleges and seminaries offer academic credit for field experience.  Many institutions require such applied ministry experience in academic training.
  • Gain valuable experience:  Internships allow you to move past theory to practice.  Internships provide a lab for individuals to test and experience what is learned in the classroom environment.
  • Build connections: Partnerships in ministry are an invaluable part of the Bible college and seminary experience.  Interning allows students to broaden exposure to peers and mentors who become lifelong sources for brainstorming and advocates in ministry.
  1. Why you should consider an internship at FBCW
    As an established congregation which has adapted itself to address contemporary needs, inters @ FBCWH will gain a broad experience of cross generational ministry interaction.  Interns will benefit from:
  • Diverse Ministry Exposure:  The faith family of First Baptist Church is comprised of a mix of old and young, contemporary and traditional, from a variety of Christian faith traditions.  Regardless of where God calls you in the future, we believe you will be better prepared from your time here at FBCWH.
  • Skilled Mentorship:  Our staff and team leaders come from a variety of backgrounds with dynamic giftings in their field.  We have skilled mentors ready to engage with you in areas of ministry & administration, music & the arts, and writing & communication.
  • Opportunities for Meaningful Service:  At FBCWH, you will not just observe ministry, you will do ministry.  Working with you to understand your ministry call and giftings, we will develop a personalized plan to help you take the next steps in your ministry call.  In short, you will be challenged to employ your gifts and education for the glory of God.


  1. Program Objective
    The FBCWH Internship Program exists to supplement biblical education with ministry training.  While the specific internship experience is crafted to the specific call and gifting of the ministry intern, generally the FBCWH Internship Program seeks to accomplish three goals.
  • Test – to provide an environment where individuals can test and refine their calling, gifts, and talents.
  • Teach – to provide an environment where individuals can gain valuable insights for ministry
  • Train – to provide an environment where individuals can gain valuable experience by employing their gifts in an active ministry context.


  1. Opportunities
    God has given you gifts and talents.  Put them to use at FBCWH.  Here are the current internship opportunities:
  • Family & Youth Ministry Intern – work directly with the Senior Pastor (Major Dalton) and the transitional youth leader (Ken Anthony) to develop and implement initiatives that develop community and spiritual growth among FBCWH youth.
  • Worship Ministry Intern – work directly with Worship Leader (Bob Frost), the Senior Pastor (Major Dalton) and the Worship Team to develop and implement worship experiences that provoke authentic worship among God’s people and prepare the hearts of those in attendance to receive the Word.