How should I dress?
FBC has a “come as you are” dress policy. Jeans or ties are equally welcomed.

What about parking?
Special parking has been reserved for our guest at the front of the Worship Center, just to the left of the main entrance. See the Campus Map for parking information.

How do we worship?
FBC worship style would be classified as blended. But more importantly, we believe true, heart-felt worship should lead to an encounter with God. Worship is not a consumer event, but an experience for all followers of Christ to enjoy!

How often do we have communion? Who is welcome to participate?
We typically serve communion on the fifth Sunday of the month (once a quarter). At FBC, we view all fellow believers as a beautiful part of the Body of Christ. For this reason, we hold to an open communion policy and invite all believers in Christ to take communion with our faith family.

What about my children?
FBC offers childcare for children under the age of 2 and children’s church for children ages 3 to 5th grade.  Of course, children are always welcome in the service. All children’s workers pass background checks and the area is secured during worship services. Find the nursery.

What about tithes & offerings?
The offering time is a chance for our church family to contribute to the work of the Kingdom here at FBC and abroad. But during offering time, we would be delighted to receive a completed visitor’s card (found in the pew backs in front of you).

What if I’d like to pray or counsel with someone?
We have a passion for prayer at FBC. Most services conclude with a time of response and reflection. You are welcome to pray with a counselor at this point or meet with him after services conclude. Additionally, we offer biblical counseling to those seeking a more in depth conversation.

Need More help? Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions